Dambari Wildlife Trust, based near Bulawayo in Zimbabwe is a non-profit conservation and research organisation that has been active since 1997.

The Trust was founded with seed money from the Marwell Preservation Trust UK (now Marwell Wildlife) by the then Director of Marwell Zoo, Dr John Knowles. In 1999 Paignton Zoo and the Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust also began supporting Dambari Wildlife Trust and these have been enduring partnerships.

Our headquarters at Dambari Field Station support the cutting edge projects that we work on under our Conservation Across Boundaries Programme in the 3100 km² Matobo Hills World Heritage Site and the Matopos National Park.

Dambari Field Station has accommodation for visiting researchers, office facilities, library, conference room and workshop.

Approximately one third of the 50 acre property is developed; the rest is managed as a wild area to promote local biodiversity including birds, small and medium-sized mammals (including some free-ranging antelope), amphibians, reptiles and invertebrates.