Today – 22nd September – is World Rhino Day.  It is a day for us to celebrate the survival of five species of incredible large mammals that have ambled across the Earth for millions of years.  It is also a day for us to reflect on how we, as humans, affect other life on Earth.  Through our greed, ignorance and neglect ALL rhinos and many other organisms that rarely enter our consciousness, are under threat of extinction.  Gone forever; to exist only in fading photographs and old books.

What can we do?  It is not only a case of arresting poaching, raising awareness about the plight of rhinos and shaping the behaviour of people in recipient markets so that they stop using rhino horn.  It is not just a matter of throwing resources at rhino conservation.  Every person on Earth can make a difference to our planet in ways that directly or indirectly affect animals, plants, fungi and the environment in which they, and we, live.  Small actions can have large impacts.

Challenge yourself to do one small “Earth friendly” act every day.  Pick up some litter.  Recycle your refuse.  Walk to the shops down the road instead of driving.  Consider if you really need to upgrade your mobile device again.  Teach a child about Nature.  Learn a little bit about that spider you have an urge to squash – it might make you change your mind.  Perhaps your small action will reduce the demands on our planet, making it a little bit better for everyone and everything living in it.