At the beginning of October, Nicky Pegg delivered a seminar on rhino monitoring and population management at the Mushandike Sanctuary near Masvingo.  This seminar was part of a 2-day wildlife management workshop organised by Cheetah Conservation Project Zimbabwe.  The 46 students were staff from the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (ZPWMA) who are reading for diplomas or certificates in Wildlife Management.

MushandikeWorkshop2015 (1)

Nicky emphasised the practical (biological) needs for successful rhino population growth in Zimbabwe, in line with the country’s rhino policy and management framework.  The participants engaged in a number of interesting discussions, including the pros and cons of a potential legal horn trade, and the costs of rhino conservation.

The opportunity for private individuals and organisations and the ZPWMA to share experiences and knowledge through workshops such as this will benefit wildlife conservation well into the future. It is hoped that similar workshops will be held in the future.